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How Mr. Cooper Correspondent used to capture  164 brand-new leads. 

Mr. Cooper Correspondent, a division of Mr. Cooper (3rd largest U.S. mortgage servicer), is one of the largest correspondent investors in the U.S. as well. They host multiple hospitality galas throughout the year, inviting 1000s of banking and financial services executives to attend.

Event goal: build relationships and memories with clients.

Solution: Automate their manual invite, reminder, response tracking and check-in process for 8,000+ invites and 500 attendees.

Mr. Cooper Correspondent discovered the platform could do all of it!

The ROI for just one event:

32 hours

saved of sales & admin time


NextLevelFan used economies of scale to send more than 8,000 invites, reminders (2x), confirmation, and "thank you" emails. When you include the built-in response tracking, Mr. Cooper Correspondent sales reps and admins were able to focus on event prep and avoid data entry & report building.

164 leads

new leads captured & no data entry!


When customers were invited, the platform asked them to provide contact info for their each of their plus-ones. This generated confirmations to each plus-one, while providing new leads for future sales & marketing use.

one event, by the numbers

With NextLevelFan's pre-built messaging campaign, Mr. Cooper's Sales & Marketing teams saved TONS of repeat steps.



# of sales reps


Guests invited on behalf of sales reps


messages sent on behalf of sales reps


hours saved by sales reps and event admin

Gain visibility to 9x more insight from your client events.

See for yourself


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"Very grateful for this"

We needed help at the 9th hour and would've looked like idiots without it.

Julie McLaurine
Marketing, Communications Director
Mr. Cooper Correspondent

(Event Host)

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"Check-in was easy"

It was very easy to train our four temp staff. We used our iPads, got on WiFi, and had no issues!

Megan Coleman
Business Dev. Marketing Analyst
Mr. Cooper Correspondent

(Event Host)

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"Very much appreciated..."

Thank you for creating a product that handles both Mr. Cooper and SWBC’s event needs. The reports and visibility are well received.

Rebecca T
Event Coordinator
SWBC Mortgage

(Event Host)